See better, feel better!

Ergonomic Vision Solutions

Vision at work is a critical factor in the quality and efficiency of professional work requiring precision.

Good ergonomics will enhance work stamina and well-being.

Our goal with each individual customer is to create a solution where the optics will not only improve visual acuity, but also guide the user to work in an ergonomically correct posture.

Individual ergonomics

We work in continuous co-operation with leading experts and apply the latest research findings from the field of ergonomics. Our solutions have been proven to have a positive effect on reducing problems experienced by dentists in the neck and shoulder area.

Unique optics

In addition to vision correction and object magnification, we can also redirect the line of sight, which is often required in order to work in a better posture. We manufacture optics in our own factories in Finland and Sweden, using self-developed manufacturing methods and the latest technology.

Lightweight products

Our product development is guided by user requirements. Lightweight products are comfortable to wear even throughout a longer working day. Well thought-out details ensure smooth use enabling the user to focus entirely on the task at hand.

Specialized service

Not even the best product can be utilised to the full if it is not appropriately fitted for the user. For this reason, MO Optics® products are sold only by trained specialists. Quick and reliable after-sales services are also an important part of our operations.