Strainless Optics

Strainless Optics is a combination of product features and optical technologies that enable us to minimise the need to bend the neck when looking downwards at an object. Compared to traditional solutions, the achieved benefit is approximately 20–25 degrees, which has been proven to be crucially important in preventing and relieving problems with the neck and shoulders.

Large lenses

Large lenses provide wider fields of vision for both the working area and surroundings. Placing the near vision optics lower down in the lenses makes it possible to utilise eye rotation instead of bending the neck when looking downwards. Large lenses also provide better protection from splashes.

Tilted lens angle

Downward-tilted lenses place the optics at right angles to the eyes when looking downwards. This minimizes optical distortions in the most important objects that are viewed, meaning the working area and its surroundings. It also brings the lower parts of the lenses closer to the eyes, which widens the field of vision when using loupes.

Prism optics

Prism shifts the image of the viewed object upwards. This reduces the user’s need to bend the neck downwards in order to see the object. Prism optics are either standard or available for all MO Optics® vision solutions.

No standards

We apply a self-developed method for building optics based on the user’s individual measurements. Each part of an MO Optics® vision solution is produced and mounted individually, with no standard angles or forms.