Custom Fitting

1. Appointment

Producing a customized vision solution requires exact individual measurements of the user. In addition, individual requirements must often be clarified and different options compared in order to select the most appropriate product combination. The first step in purchasing loupes or glasses is to book a fitting session with one of our trained specialists.

2. Ergonomic analysis

The fitting session starts with a mapping of the customer’s work ergonomics. In addition to the work posture, the locations of the most important viewed objects have major effects on the flow of work. Any related problems are defined and means to improve the situation with optics are identified.

3. Visual acuity

The required vision correction and most suitable lens type are specified. The results of a standard eye test are used as starting values and adjusted further to match any specific needs in the working environment. For this reason, we recommend that you have your visual acuity tested already before the actual fitting session.

4. Selecting and fitting products

The MO Optics® products can be combined into thousands of different combinations. Based on the information obtained in the previous phases, our specialist will help you to find a product combination that ensures the best possible results for both visual acuity and ergonomics. Accurate individual measurements are then entered into our order system which forwards it directly into production.

5. Delivery

Your tailor-made vision solution is delivered ready for use. It will help you to see better and guides you to work in a good ergonomic posture. It might take a while to get accustomed to the new way of working, as the difference to the previous situation may be significant. However, after a short getting-used-to period you would not even consider going back to the old way.